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Precise projections and advanced tools for daily and full-season fantasy basketball

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Basketball Monster is for daily players who want to win with a system that also saves time and effort. Our projections are managed daily, with real-time injury and status adjustments, and qualified with matchup factors, hot/cold streaks, and more. Our lineup tools are a must for any daily player, from the beginner to the veteran.

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Join Basketball Monster to gain the upper hand on your competition in head-to-head, roto, and points leagues. Our projections, advanced Draft Tracker, and all-new Smart Tool provide data and information custom to your league's settings and rosters, and our HoopAdvisors Premium content will help guide you every step of the way.

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Don't play daily without us

We give you everything you need to take down that big guaranteed tournament or double up your 50/50. From the start of the day up until games tip off, our projections are meticulously managed and updated to the minute to account for injuries, lineup changes, and relevant news. But we didn't stop there. Our factors further enhance the accuracy of our projections by accounting for each player's matchup ease, splits, and recent performance.

Our price ratios dynamically adjust according to the provider of your choice. Our new lineup optimizer tool will make sure that you're getting the most DFS points and bang for your buck possible out of your lineup, based on your available budget. You'll also get access to a number of research tools including our Scenario Finder, which allows you to plug in a set of parameters to see how individual players or teams fare in different contexts.

Daily Projections

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