Danny Green

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Draft2009 (Pick 46)
InjuryQuestionable - Rest  Questionable - Rest
3/31/2014 11:17 AM
Active Right foot inflammation Open link
Green will return to the lineup for Monday's game vs. the Pacers after missing three of the previous four due to right foot inflammation. He was initially ruled out of Wednesday's win with a mid-right foot sprain, but they re-diagnosed his injury as "right foot inflammation". Green initially hurt it during the Spurs' win on March 22 vs. the Warriors, and said it flared up on him during halftime of Wednesday's game. His return will mean a sizable cut in role for Cory Joseph, and a few less minutes on the wing for Marco Belinelli as well.
3/29/2014 5:55 PM
Out Right foot inflammation Open link
Green will miss his second straight game on Saturday with right foot inflammation. An MRI on Green's foot earlier came back negative and he'll continue to be listed as day-to-day. He was initially ruled out of the fourth quarter of Wednesday's win with a mid-right foot sprain, but they re-diagnosed his injury as "right foot inflammation". He said he initially hurt it during Saturday's win vs. the Warriors, and that it flared up on him at halftime. Marco Belinelli and Cory Joseph will continue to see extended run at the off-guard with Green sidelined.
3/28/2014 1:03 PM
Out Right foot inflammation Open link
Green has been ruled out of Friday's game vs. the Nuggets with right foot inflammation. The MRI on Green's foot came back negative though and he'll continue to be listed as day-to-day. Green was initially ruled out of the fourth quarter of Wednesday's win with a mid-right foot sprain, but they're now calling it "right foot inflammation". He said he initially hurt it during Saturday's win vs. the Warriors, and that it flared up on him at halftime. Marco Belinelli and Cory Joseph will see extended run at the off-guard with Green sidelined.
3/26/2014 9:33 PM
Questionable Mid-right foot sprain Open link
Green was ruled out for the fourth quarter of Wednesday's win after suffering a mid-right foot sprain. He said he initially hurt it during Saturday's win vs. the Warriors, but didn't appear all that concerned about it. "[Tonight] it just got too sore to run naturally on it." Green said. He's scheduled to have an X-ray on his foot Thursday. He did not start the second half and was seen limping on his right foot on the Spurs' bench, though he checked back into the game at the 2:09 mark of the third quarter. He lasted just over a minute before coming out again. Manu Ginobili and Patty Mills saw extended run at the off-guard in Green's absence and would be the primary beneficiaries if he had to miss additional time. The Spurs next take on the Nuggets (again) on Friday.
3/19/2014 2:01 AM
Active Right wrist soreness Open link
An MRI on Green's sore wrist was clear, meaning he has no structural damage. He's been dealing with lingering soreness since he first injured his wrist on March 11. The discomfort has been tolerable and not affected his play, but he wanted to be sure an MRI matched preliminary X-rays (which were also negative). Green will remain active, and the soreness is believed to have been caused by a bruised nerve.
3/16/2014 10:39 PM
Questionable Right wrist soreness Open link
Green is set for an MRI on Monday in an effort to determine the cause of lingering soreness in his right wrist. Green has been playing through the soreness for the past few weeks, with mixed results, and the MRI will determine if there are any structural issues at the heart of the problem. It's worth noting that he was on the court at the end of Sunday's game, so the soreness certainly appears to be tolerable. We're calling him questionable for Wednesday vs. the Lakers for now, with Marco Belinelli and Manu Ginobili to see more run on the wing if Green needs any time off.
3/12/2014 6:50 PM
Active Sore right wrist Open link
Coach Gregg Popovich says Green will "give it a shot" for Wednesday's game vs. the Blazers, meaning we should expect him to be active and back in the starting lineup. He aggravated his sore right wrist during Tuesday's win, which explains why he was limited to just 10 minutes. He initially suffered the injury a few games back but has been able to play through it.
3/11/2014 5:42 PM
Active Sore right wrist Open link
Coach Gregg Popovich confirmed that Green will play on Tuesday vs. the Bulls, as expected. Green re-aggravated a right wrist strain on Saturday that he suffered a few games back, but played through it and finished a perfect 4-for-4 from three-point range. He said it's "nothing serious" and it was confirmed to not be a sprain; the team is calling it a sore right wrist.
2/12/2014 5:40 PM
Active Sprained knuckle Open link
Green sprained a knuckle on his shooting hand in the third quarter of Monday's loss and did not return. It's swollen on Wednesday but he'll be active and likely play with his fingers taped.

Season Stats

   78-0.08Current SeasonSAS6724.
   550.02Last MonthSAS1225.311.
   70-0.04Last 2 WeeksSAS627.713.
   30.65Last WeekSAS230.
   590.03NBA 12-13SAS8027.510.
   100-0.11NBA 11-12SAS6623.
   114-0.20NBA Preseason 13SAS616.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 CommentToday 3:21 AMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Hard to get a read on Pop, but the impression he's given for the finale is that he wants most, if not all, his players to play (though limited minutes) to get them in a rhythm for the playoffs.
 CommentToday 2:49 AMd_wags_peja 0% (0)Chances of Green playing tonight?
 Comment4/3/2014 6:01 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (2)Green confirmed active. Manu, Bonner, Baynes, Daye only Spurs not playing tonight.
 Comment4/3/2014 5:48 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (2)Royce Young said Green is out for Thursday's game, but believe he mixed Green up with Daye in his tweet. We're still calling him active for now.
 Comment3/24/2014 9:42 PMzheeduh 100% (5)Freakin random Pop DNPS
 Underrated3/7/2014 8:12 AMvtec1jk 100% (4)Fga adjustment
 Comment2/5/2014 9:04 PMliam4 100% (1)Nice game so far tonight in 2OT. Grab him if he's still available, getting strong minutes with the injuries
 Comment2/3/2014 1:28 PMliam4 100% (1)Agree that he is a nice pickup, particularly for next couple weeks
 Comment2/1/2014 6:22 PM#35771 0% (0)can he redeem himself to get +30 minutes?
 Overrated1/2/2014 8:58 PMb1gdoublezero 100% (1)Frustratingly inconsistent at best, garbage at the worst.
 Underrated12/28/2013 2:20 PMjlongrc 67% (3)Current projections assume zero improvement for the rest of the season. I'm not going to say he's going to start averaging 12ppg, but I think it would be smarter to err on the side of improvement
 Comment12/20/2013 12:46 AMbrandonislegend 100% (4)Mr. Disappointment
 Comment12/14/2013 9:24 AMjboldt73 0% (0)I dropped him weeks ago and have been riding guys like Henson, Wroten ever since with no regrets....Would wonder about Beal's return on Websters value tho
 Comment12/14/2013 2:23 AMbrandonislegend 100% (9)Is this guy droppable for someone like Martell Webster?
 Comment12/11/2013 5:58 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (3)Disastrous start in just 23 mpg, and he's still top-75 on the season. Certainly worth holding onto in case the minutes come around.
 Comment12/11/2013 3:42 PMinspiron22 100% (3)Averaging 1.7/1.2/1 in 3/S/B...
 Comment12/8/2013 2:48 AMrrronaldlee 10% (10)shall i use my waiver 1 to gamble on this guy?
 Comment12/3/2013 12:18 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)I'm not particularly worried about his shot coming back around, but it's going to be a drag if he's capped at 25 mpg whether it does or not.
 Comment12/3/2013 12:05 AMDfish 33% (3)should i drop this clown
 Comment12/2/2013 10:42 PMinspiron22 100% (2)Did he forget how to shoot?
 Comment12/2/2013 8:36 PMTSquaredUA 0% (0)After tonight's performance he's going to ride my bench until he has a stretch of solid games
 Comment11/29/2013 2:46 AMmarkalbert2kx 33% (3)Will he be like this all season? :/
 Comment11/26/2013 9:42 AMjboldt73 12% (8)His minutes are too low for me, I picked up other filler players that will give me short term minutes.
 Comment11/26/2013 4:21 AMcadavi 67% (3)just dropped him for Ariza. Of course now he'll drain 20 threes over the next few games...
 Comment11/23/2013 1:49 AMzheeduh 0% (1)not just streaky... seems to be on some weird minutes limit. Was a starter and only 17 min last game.
 Comment11/21/2013 4:40 AMjboldt73 0% (7)Tired of the roller coaster, I dropped him, hope I don't regret
 Comment11/13/2013 9:55 PMJack Package 100% (3)Sure is fun owning this guy. In for the long haul!
 Comment11/10/2013 1:19 PMbrandonislegend 100% (9)Damn it feels good to be patient sometimes.
 Comment11/10/2013 12:39 PMjboldt73 100% (4)On - Off - On - Off So frustrating I guess we just keep him in the lineup and deal with the off games
 Comment11/6/2013 10:46 PMuberjuan 86% (7)Looked engaged and confident out there. Moving well without the ball and active on D! Glad I held on.

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/14/2014@ HOU SAS             
4/11/2014PHO112 - 104 (+8)Y1.46SAS37:5533742010.706170.500411
4/10/2014@ DAL109 - 100 (+9)Y0.68SAS22:2315551100.55690.000001
4/8/2014@ MIN91 - 110 (-19)Y-0.80SAS24:495024110.16760.750424
4/6/2014MEM112 - 92 (+20)Y-0.19SAS17:579121200.50080.000101
4/3/2014@ OKC94 - 106 (-12)Y-0.51SAS36:2511252000.44490.500212
4/2/2014GSW111 - 90 (+21)Y-0.48SAS26:505142010.40050.000012
3/31/2014@ IND103 - 77 (+26)Y0.00SAS19:215111210.40050.000002
3/29/2014NOR SAS             
3/28/2014@ DEN SAS             
3/26/2014DEN108 - 103 (+5)Y0.41SAS17:1616521100.55690.500201
3/24/2014PHI SAS             
3/22/2014@ GSW99 - 90 (+9)Y0.91SAS40:1118561210.462130.500202
3/21/2014@ SAC99 - 79 (+20)Y-0.96SAS17:313140000.16760.000000
3/19/2014@ LAL125 - 109 (+16)Y1.00SAS23:4816312210.75081.000111
3/16/2014UTA122 - 104 (+18)Y-0.61SAS19:295122000.40050.000004
3/14/2014LAL119 - 85 (+34)Y0.81SAS21:5715552120.455110.000011
3/12/2014POR103 - 90 (+13)Y0.45SAS24:2214461110.455110.000011
3/11/2014@ CHI104 - 96 (+8)Y-1.07SAS9:580000000.00010.000000
3/8/2014ORL121 - 112 (+9)Y0.80SAS31:3612464021.00040.000020
3/6/2014MIA111 - 87 (+24)Y-0.23SAS20:496233130.25080.000032
3/4/2014@ CLE122 - 101 (+21)Y1.12SAS23:1724313200.600151.000314
3/2/2014DAL112 - 106 (+6)Y-0.70SAS23:465143010.25080.000011
2/28/2014CHA92 - 82 (+10)Y-0.81SAS27:2810220000.28671.000431
2/26/2014DET120 - 110 (+10)Y-0.49SAS21:568222010.42970.000024
2/21/2014@ PHO85 - 106 (-21)Y-0.77SAS30:1215221000.500120.500230
2/19/2014@ POR111 - 109 (+2)Y0.90SAS36:1816371130.55691.000332
2/18/2014@ LAC113 - 103 (+10)Y0.10SAS38:5014352110.455111.000133
2/12/2014@ BOS104 - 92 (+12)Y0.18SAS30:497155110.42970.000005
2/10/2014@ DET100 - 109 (-9)Y-1.24SAS23:452021010.16760.000022
2/8/2014@ CHA104 - 100 (+4)Y-0.93SAS21:173123100.16760.000022
2/6/2014@ BKN89 - 103 (-14)Y0.96SAS35:0517383120.545111.000221
2/5/2014@ WAS125 - 118 (+7)Y0.51SAS46:1922572120.438160.750444
2/3/2014@ NOR102 - 95 (+7)Y0.00SAS29:527172110.14371.000401
2/1/2014SAC SAS             
1/29/2014CHI SAS             
1/28/2014@ HOU SAS             
1/26/2014@ MIA SAS             
1/24/2014@ ATL SAS             
1/22/2014OKC SAS             
1/19/2014MIL SAS             
1/17/2014POR SAS             
1/15/2014UTA SAS             
1/13/2014@ NOR SAS             
1/12/2014MIN104 - 86 (+18)Y-1.18SAS8:580031000.00010.000022
1/8/2014DAL112 - 90 (+22)Y-0.15SAS29:507190000.50041.000201
1/7/2014@ MEM110 - 108 (+2)0.09SAS23:027160310.25080.667300
1/4/2014LAC116 - 92 (+24)-0.40SAS26:483143030.12580.000003
1/2/2014NYK101 - 105 (-4)-0.83SAS18:314001100.28670.000001
12/31/2013BKN113 - 92 (+21)-0.51SAS17:073110110.33330.000010
12/29/2013SAC112 - 104 (+8)-0.29SAS20:517153200.300100.000012
12/26/2013@ DAL116 - 107 (+9)2.23SAS27:1222502321.00071.000313
12/25/2013HOU98 - 111 (-13)-0.77SAS15:526010110.25040.800520
12/23/2013TOR112 - 99 (+13)0.44SAS23:4414421010.62580.000003
12/21/2013OKC100 - 113 (-13)Y-0.11SAS33:567123120.33361.000221
12/19/2013@ GSW104 - 102 (+2)Y-0.24SAS29:5111331210.286140.000022
12/18/2013@ PHO108 - 101 (+7)-0.82SAS21:045021010.66730.333302
12/16/2013@ LAC92 - 115 (-23)Y-0.44SAS18:597121200.50060.000032
12/14/2013@ UTA100 - 84 (+16)Y-0.58SAS17:123140010.25040.000002
12/13/2013MIN117 - 110 (+7)Y-1.45SAS11:060000000.00020.000021
12/11/2013@ MIL109 - 77 (+32)Y0.27SAS18:0810223300.50080.000021
12/10/2013@ TOR116 - 103 (+13)Y0.96SAS25:5414232120.71471.000203
12/7/2013IND100 - 111 (-11)Y-0.98SAS16:402030000.25040.000000
12/2/2013ATL102 - 100 (+2)Y-0.80SAS22:323141010.14370.000002
11/30/2013HOU106 - 112 (-6)Y0.12SAS24:477121310.37580.000011
11/29/2013@ ORL109 - 91 (+18)Y0.29SAS21:277213120.40051.000101
11/27/2013@ OKC88 - 94 (-6)Y-0.86SAS25:534041010.28670.000010
11/25/2013NOR112 - 93 (+19)Y0.39SAS19:575102510.33360.000020
11/23/2013CLE126 - 96 (+30)Y0.85SAS21:1417540200.600100.000011
11/22/2013@ MEM102 - 86 (+16)Y-0.91SAS16:530031200.00020.000030
11/20/2013BOS104 - 93 (+11)Y0.49SAS22:5611312110.66760.000001
11/15/2013@ UTA91 - 82 (+9)Y-0.43SAS23:148261000.42970.000013
11/13/2013WAS92 - 79 (+13)Y-1.04SAS22:200014100.00030.000022
11/11/2013@ PHI109 - 85 (+24)Y1.40SAS32:0418573110.66791.000102
11/10/2013@ NYK120 - 89 (+31)Y1.78SAS22:52246100110.727111.000213
11/8/2013GSW76 - 74 (+2)Y-0.83SAS28:203161000.16760.000000
11/6/2013PHO99 - 96 (+3)Y1.73SAS35:4519352240.727110.000022
11/5/2013@ DEN102 - 94 (+8)Y-0.65SAS24:264031110.28670.000012
11/2/2013@ POR105 - 115 (-10)Y-1.05SAS17:020000010.00030.000001
11/1/2013@ LAL91 - 85 (+6)Y-0.49SAS20:523121200.16760.000001
10/30/2013MEM101 - 94 (+7)Y-0.83SAS22:377111020.42970.000040