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Jrue Holiday

Ease Position The position we use for this player when calculating easePG
Draft2009 (Pick 17)
InjuryInjured - Right tibia stress fracture
Projected Return 9/1/2014  Injured - Right tibia stress fracture - Projected Return 9/1/2014
6/25/2014 6:11 PM
Injured Right tibia stress fracture Open link
Holiday said he still has not been cleared to participate in any type of basketball activity, adding that he's been rehabbing in Los Angeles for the past three months. "Right now, I'm just building strength and building up my conditioning where it will be second nature without me thinking about mechanics or placement of my shin or whatever," Holiday said. " ... I'm running on (a treadmill) three times a week, but I'm not allowed to do all core work just yet." He said it will be up to the Pelicans' doctors to determine when he will be cleared for on-court basketball activity and didn't reveal a potential target date, though he said he should be cleared to be on the court in August. We'll keep an eye on his progress over the off-season, but he's expected to be ready for the start of training camp.

Season Stats

   540.05Current SeasonNOR3433.614.
   75-0.04NBA 12-13PHI7837.517.
   75-0.04NBA 11-12PHI6533.813.
   135-0.23NBA Preseason 13NOR826.811.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment2/28/2014 5:34 PMthatkellenguy 100% (3)It's finally over... I'm actually relieved.
 Comment2/28/2014 1:38 AMthatkellenguy 100% (3)I've lost faith. I don't see him suiting up again this season.
 Comment2/25/2014 6:32 PMMLDIII 0% (2)I've dropped to 7th holding him with other injuries mounting (Varejao - who I was trying to move prior to AS break, A. Johnson, L. James and P. Millsap all costing me games). Thanks Justin!
 Comment2/25/2014 6:25 PMjphanned 0% (0)I'm assuming he's at least two weeks out at this point, and likely more. Unless you've got a top seed locked up I don't see much of a payout here.
 Comment2/25/2014 6:22 PMMLDIII 0% (0)No longer listed in ROS (v8.0). Hold through this week?
 Comment2/18/2014 12:59 PMmbuser 0% (0)Coach Monty Williams: nothing has changed regarding Holiday's status. This doesn't bode well for that previous report.
 Comment2/18/2014 11:43 AMmbuser 0% (0)Status Update added. Pretty strange to go from zero updates to returning in less than a week. We'll be looking for some confirmation.
 Comment2/18/2014 9:39 67% (3)Back this week?
 Comment2/17/2014 4:39 PMterryalj 0% (1)Whoops.. lol.
 Comment2/17/2014 3:52 PMjphanned 100% (2)You were watching last year's Skills Challenge where he squared off with Lillard in the final:
 Comment2/17/2014 3:35 PMkdavehill 100% (2)Holiday wasn't part of the skills challenge. Although Reggie could've tried a little harder...
 Comment2/10/2014 8:04 PMmbuser 0% (0)There's almost no reason to expect it to come before the All-Star break.
 Comment2/10/2014 7:17 PMmmassmedia 0% (0)Been about 2 weeks when should we be looking for another update
 Comment1/29/2014 6:37 PMbalki-b 100% (1)Thanks for the update!
 Comment1/29/2014 6:06 PMmbuser 100% (1)Added to the Status Updates page, via Nakia Hogan ( Still in a walking boot, re-evaluated in roughly two weeks. That pushes a return to at least after the All-Star break.
 Comment1/29/2014 4:51 PMbalki-b 0% (0)Projected return is a little more than a week away. Still no updates?
 Comment1/29/2014 10:47 AMdalau 100% (1)I hope Jrue pulls an AD and come back early. Hopefully next week.
 Comment1/22/2014 2:21 PMGFlexy 100% (5)worth a stash in 10 team league H2H (would drop Bledsoe)?
 Comment1/10/2014 10:18 AMNMV112 0% (0)Brian Roberts is your guy. Averaged 12.6 points, 10.0 assists, 3.2 rebounds, 1.4 3PM and 0.8 steals in 5 starts last year. If you missed on Kendall Marshall take a look at BR
 Comment1/10/2014 10:08 AMtsangstagangsta 0% (0)Jrue is out Indefinitely. Any Beneficiaries on most WW? Will Aminu get more use?
 Comment1/9/2014 5:27 AMbolt 100% (1)Hope he isn't gonna slump like he did in the 2nd half of last season.
 Underrated12/28/2013 1:18 PMDrRazvi 0% (1)
 Comment12/13/2013 1:56 PMantbanks 100% (1)THEORY: He will continue to play well in The Brow's absence, increasing his trade value over the coming few weeks, then will see PTS/REB dip a bit w/ Davis back. HOLD. Trade in 3-4 weeks for max value
 Comment12/6/2013 10:58 PMjphanned 100% (2)Compare our projections to his current line - almost identical. Biggest difference is FT% - career 78% coming into this season, currently at 87%.
 Comment12/6/2013 10:44 PMyelloke 0% (4)This is atrocious. How is he still projected as 9th round value?
 Comment12/5/2013 5:25 AMohbeekay 100% (3)Assists might warrant a bump. 8.1 on the season and 8.5+ on split stats in the last month
 Comment11/29/2013 11:16 PMorangecrush 100% (4)Looks like he's settling in a little bit
 Comment11/13/2013 4:12 PMgcbillinois 0% (1)Come to think of it, why do so many NBA GMs go after players who don't fit?
 Comment11/13/2013 3:06 PMgcbillinois 100% (1)No flow in NO. Only one ball. Reke does not fit. What a mess.
 Comment11/6/2013 12:10 PMmbuser 0% (2)Just 32.6% 2PT through four games, compared to 45.3% career. 4/16 at the rim so far.

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Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/16/2014HOU NOR             
4/14/2014OKC NOR             
4/12/2014@ HOU NOR             
4/11/2014@ OKC NOR             
4/9/2014PHO NOR             
4/6/2014@ POR NOR             
4/4/2014@ UTA NOR             
4/2/2014@ DEN NOR             
3/31/2014SAC NOR             
3/29/2014@ SAS NOR             
3/28/2014UTA NOR             
3/26/2014LAC NOR             
3/24/2014BKN NOR             
3/22/2014MIA NOR             
3/21/2014@ ATL NOR             
3/19/2014TOR NOR             
3/16/2014BOS NOR             
3/14/2014POR NOR             
3/12/2014MEM NOR             
3/9/2014DEN NOR             
3/7/2014MIL NOR             
3/4/2014@ LAL NOR             
3/3/2014@ SAC NOR             
3/1/2014@ LAC NOR             
2/28/2014@ PHO NOR             
2/26/2014@ DAL NOR             
2/24/2014LAC NOR             
2/22/2014@ WAS NOR             
2/21/2014@ CHA NOR             
2/19/2014NYK NOR             
2/12/2014@ MIL NOR             
2/10/2014@ TOR NOR             
2/9/2014@ BKN NOR             
2/7/2014MIN NOR             
2/5/2014ATL NOR             
2/3/2014SAS NOR             
2/1/2014CHI NOR             
1/29/2014@ MIN NOR             
1/28/2014@ CLE NOR             
1/26/2014ORL NOR             
1/24/2014@ DET NOR             
1/21/2014SAC NOR             
1/20/2014@ MEM NOR             
1/18/2014GSW NOR             
1/15/2014HOU NOR             
1/13/2014SAS NOR             
1/11/2014@ DAL NOR             
1/10/2014DAL NOR             
1/8/2014WAS96 - 102 (-6)Y-0.18NOR28:588033300.273111.000211
1/7/2014@ MIA88 - 107 (-19)Y-0.81NOR30:564057100.33360.000042
1/4/2014@ IND82 - 99 (-17)Y-0.59NOR33:368017300.44490.000232
1/3/2014@ BOS95 - 92 (+3)Y-1.41NOR33:164045100.182110.000041
1/1/2014@ MIN112 - 124 (-12)Y-0.16NOR22:1419135200.571140.500444
12/30/2013POR110 - 108 (+2)Y1.31NOR37:51311713110.500281.000221
12/28/2013@ HOU98 - 107 (-9)Y-1.51NOR31:453039010.11190.500241
12/27/2013DEN105 - 89 (+16)Y1.23NOR29:1717148400.615130.000025
12/23/2013@ SAC113 - 100 (+13)Y0.93NOR34:13173510200.538130.000022
12/21/2013@ POR107 - 110 (-3)Y-0.27NOR36:1913037100.429141.000124
12/18/2013@ LAC95 - 108 (-13)Y0.65NOR35:54131510200.455111.000211
12/17/2013@ GSW93 - 104 (-11)Y-0.31NOR27:2811036100.44491.000333
12/15/2013@ DEN93 - 102 (-9)Y-0.32NOR31:0012047110.462130.000045
12/13/2013MEM104 - 98 (+6)Y0.89NOR37:04203212100.500140.750402
12/11/2013DET111 - 106 (+5)Y0.54NOR40:3219248210.571140.500242
12/6/2013OKC95 - 109 (-14)Y0.43NOR32:5116086400.500120.800553
12/4/2013DAL97 - 100 (-3)Y0.88NOR36:1726449000.588171.000234
12/2/2013@ CHI131 - 128 (+3)Y0.39NOR49:12190812110.409221.000124
12/1/2013@ NYK103 - 99 (+4)Y-1.08NOR36:2011059000.417120.500253
11/29/2013@ PHI121 - 105 (+16)Y1.74NOR40:34201713310.615130.750414
11/26/2013GSW101 - 102 (-1)Y0.46NOR37:0517347200.438160.000022
11/25/2013@ SAS93 - 112 (-19)Y0.38NOR32:3112097320.353170.000031
11/22/2013CLE104 - 100 (+4)Y0.81NOR37:49151311310.500100.800534
11/20/2013UTA105 - 98 (+7)Y-0.38NOR26:1914044100.500140.000035
11/16/2013PHI135 - 98 (+37)Y0.55NOR29:29140612000.66791.000211
11/13/2013@ UTA105 - 111 (-6)Y0.47NOR33:4819236200.667121.000153
11/12/2013@ LAL95 - 116 (-21)Y-1.08NOR27:117035010.182111.000331
11/10/2013@ PHO94 - 101 (-7)Y-0.89NOR35:5316027000.471170.000054
11/8/2013LAL96 - 85 (+11)Y0.20NOR39:25130513400.333150.750442
11/6/2013@ MEM99 - 84 (+15)Y-0.55NOR30:3711103200.455110.000044
11/5/2013PHO98 - 102 (-4)Y-0.52NOR24:503159220.14370.000062
11/2/2013CHA101 - 78 (+23)Y-0.52NOR32:2814238000.385131.000242
11/1/2013@ ORL90 - 110 (-20)Y-0.25NOR34:1117105300.368191.000244
10/30/2013IND90 - 95 (-5)Y0.69NOR36:0824275100.444181.000623