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Ryan Anderson

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Ease PositionPF
Draft2008 (Pick 21)
Projection Updated9/3/2014
Injured - Projected Return Date 10/1/2014
9/4/2014 11:59 AM
Injured Cervical spine surgery Open link
Anderson announced Wednesday that he has been cleared for contact work. The news comes eight months after the neck injury he suffered in early January and five months after his cervical spine surgery in early April. This update reaffirms that Anderson should be close to 100 percent when the Pelicans open camp in late September, although his form will need to be monitored, particularly in the early going. His status as a mid-round three-point specialist remains intact, but his minutes upside is capped due to Omer Asik's status as the everyday starting center.
4/6/2014 11:48 PM
Out for season Herniated discs Open link
Anderson will undergo surgery on April 8 for the two herniated cervical discs in his neck after consulting with a team of physicians. The physicians determined that the surgical option would provide him with the best opportunity to have a full recovery. Surgeons will access Anderson's injured discs through his neck, and once doctors get a closer look, they'll decide whether to replace the missing tissue with a portion of Anderson's own tissue harvested from elsewhere in his body or use tissue from a donor bank. The Pelicans have high hopes that the maximum amount of time Anderson will miss is six months, and team management firmly believes he will be ready for training camp. Anderson has been sidelined since Jan. 3 after initially suffering the injury during a collision with Gerald Wallace. How he's able to recover and progress from his surgery will go a long way in dictating how productive he'll be in the 2014-2015 season.
Per Game
180.29NBA 13-14NOR2236.
490.06NBA 12-13NOR8130.916.
80.37NBA 11-12ORL6132.
72-0.02NBA 10-11ORL6222.911.
Per 36
260.11NBA 13-14NOR2236.
550.00NBA 12-13NOR8130.918.
100.26NBA 11-12ORL6132.
90.27NBA 10-11ORL6222.917.
241-0.58NBA 13-14NOR22794:444366714217107.438354.9526220-1.67-0.14-1.36-1.36-2.02-0.96-0.250.412.15
370.13NBA 12-13NOR812501:551,309213519974231.4241,114.844180970.832.230.58-0.82-1.11-0.44-1.240.480.69
80.44NBA 11-12ORL611963:39980166471545026.439757.877171570.632.590.97-0.97-0.33-0.33-0.530.791.08
104-0.16NBA 10-11ORL621419:00683134355523038.434523.81211748-0.961.23-0.24-1.04-1.34-0.23-0.500.121.48