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Kevin Durant

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Ease PositionSF
Draft2007 (Pick 2)
Projection Updated10/12/2014
Injured - Projected Return Date 12/15/2014
10/16/2014 2:49 PM
Injured Fractured right foot Open link
Durant underwent surgery Thursday on his fractured right foot and will be re-evaluated in six weeks, at which a further update will be provided. He's being given a timetable of six-to-eight weeks for recovery, but given he's dealing with a Jones fracture which is known for its slow healing time (due to a lack of blood flow to that area of the foot), it makes sense to assume that he'll be back on the longer end of the timetable. The 31 NBA players who have suffered a Jones fracture in the past have a median (and mean) missed game total of 38 games, so his recovery could certainly extend far closer to the 10-week mark. Either way the expectation should be that Durant will miss at least the first 20 games of the season, and likely closer to 30. Russell Westbrook is set to dominate possession and will have almost unlimited usage for the Thunder while Durant is sidelined, with Reggie Jackson, Anthony Morrow, Jeremy Lamb, Anthony Roberson, and Perry Jones III also set to collectively absorb Durant's minutes on the wing.
10/12/2014 10:21 AM
Injured Fractured left foot Open link
The Thunder announced Sunday that Durant has a Jones fracture in his right foot. Durant felt discomfort in his foot after Saturday practice, and a subsequent MRI revealed the fracture at the base of his small toe. The team says that they are in the process of "collaboratively evaluating the most appropriate next steps" for Durant, but the typical treatment of this particular injury is surgery and a six-to-eight week timetable for a recovery, although there can be a range of outcomes for individual cases. General manager Sam Presti said that "all signs point" to surgery at this point. Durant would miss the first 20 games of the season in an eight-week timetable, but it makes sense to hedge a bit more pessimistic based on the levels of uncertainty. Russell Westbrook will have an even more significant offensive role for the Thunder while Durant is sidelined, with Reggie Jackson, Anthony Morrow, Jeremy Lamb, Anthony Roberson, and Perry Jones III to collectively absorb Durant's minutes.
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11.10NBA 11-12OKC662546:201,8501335272318877.4961,297.8605012483.691.841.310.441.211.101.501.93-3.12
10.75NBA 10-11OKC783039:002,1611455332148876.4631,536.8806752182.851.440.66-0.100.510.66-0.262.46-1.45