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Deron Williams

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Draft2005 (Pick 3)
Projection Updated10/19/2014
9/26/2014 1:47 PM
Injured Ankle surgeries Open link
Williams said Friday that he doesn't quite feel 100 percent as he works back from his ankle surgeries in late May, but he added that that he does feel "at least 20 percent better" than he did at any point last season. Williams has been participating in five-on-five drills for the past two weeks and will enter Nets camp with no restrictions. Coach Lionel Hollins said he has "high expectations from the start" for Williams, and that he's looked great so far in workouts. Williams obviously carries substantial injury risk in the draft's early rounds, but the hope is that the surgeries will put an end to his nagging ankle issues and allow him to play freely and without pain for the first time in three seasons.
5/22/2014 3:18 PM
Injured Ankle surgeries Open link
The Nets announced on Thursday that Williams will undergo surgery on both of his ankles on May 27. He will have a bone chip removed from his right ankle, and have an arthroscopic cleanout with removal of spurs from both the front and back of his left ankle. The team said Williams is expected to be on crutches for four-to-six weeks and then begin rehabilitation. He is scheduled to begin light court activities in August, which will progress to full basketball activities in September. Williams is expected to make a full recovery and be ready for the beginning of training camp. He missed 18 games during the 2013-14 season due to injury, including 16 games due to a sprained left ankle, and will continue to carry substantial risk given his extensive injury history with both ankles and the possibility of aggravation looming every time he takes the court.
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97-0.13Last 2 WeeksBKN632.
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210.22Last 2 MonthsBKN2933.815.
340.12Last 3 MonthsBKN4233.
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63-0.02NBA 11-12BKN5536.320.
540.01NBA 10-11BKN6537.819.
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165-0.35Last WeekBKN264:292653650.47419.75045-1.190.20-1.33-0.540.51-0.82-0.10-0.080.16
110-0.17Last 2 WeeksBKN6192:277291636131.38163.7142114-0.620.24-0.981.051.55-0.74-1.12-0.40-0.53
260.25Last MonthBKN16533:29241304885292.452186.79654320.421.00-0.791.322.00-0.85-0.450.16-0.57
170.34Last 2 MonthsBKN29979:164505080161565.448348.822107530.460.81-0.931.422.36-0.77-0.510.45-0.23
290.21Last 3 MonthsBKN421394:0561567119240737.438489.805149820.260.68-0.881.411.89-0.77-0.640.25-0.35
160.31NBA 12-13BKN782842:101,4761692326057530.4401,124.8593692181.311.55-0.892.34-0.09-0.46-0.771.18-1.43
460.11NBA 11-12BKN551998:461,1541151834816720.407961.8433052191.241.43-0.802.420.36-0.49-1.660.93-2.48
460.12NBA 10-11BKN652460:001,3091052606667915.439974.8454122300.650.71-0.722.520.23-0.77-0.790.95-1.66