LeBron James

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Draft2003 (Pick 1)
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Today 9:50 AM
Out Rest Open link
James and teammate Chris Bosh have both been ruled out of the Heat's season finale vs. the Sixers on Wednesday as the duo will take the game off to rest. Miami has already ceded the No. 1 seed in the East to Indiana, so this one has no implications whatsoever for their playoff seeding. Coach Erik Spoelstra went with a smaller look on Monday when James and Bosh sat out, sliding Dwyane Wade (probable, rest) over to small forward and starting Shane Battier at power forward. There's no word yet on who will start, but James and Bosh's absences will open up additional run for Rashard Lewis, Battier, and Michael Beasley.
4/14/2014 4:35 PM
Out Rest Open link
James and teammate Chris Bosh will sit out Monday's game vs. the Wizards to rest, as expected. The move makes sense especially for LeBron, who has been playing huge minutes all season with an expanded workload given Dwyane Wade's regular DNP's. He has shown clear signs of fatigue down the stretch so the rest comes at an opportune time, and it's very possible both James and Bosh sit out Wednesday's season finale vs. the Sixers as well. James' absence means additional minutes at the forward spots for Michael Beasley, Shane Battier, and Rashard Lewis, with Chris Andersen and Udonis Haslem to see more run with Bosh out. Dwyane Wade (hamstring, knees) will start and be asked to carry the majority of the offensive load on Monday, though he'll still be on a minutes restriction.
3/21/2014 4:53 PM
Active Back spasms Open link
James will return to the starting lineup for Friday's game vs. the Grizzlies after sitting out Wednesday's loss, the second of a back-to-back, due to back spasms. Coach Erik Spoelstra, on LeBron's status: "He says he feels better. Hopefully the extra couple days of rest helps." His return will push Michael Beasley back to a very limited reserve role.
3/19/2014 5:40 PM
Out Back spasms Open link
James is a late scratch for Wednesday's game vs. the Celtics with back spasms. This one came out of nowhere, and is presumed to be precautionary on what is the second game of a back-to-back. The Heat are listing LeBron as day-to-day. Michael Beasley will start in his place at small forward, with Shane Battier seeing additional run off the bench as well.
2/27/2014 6:10 PM
Active Broken nose Open link
James is officially in the starting five for the Heat on Thursday vs the Knicks. LeBron went through a full practice on Wednesday with his protective mask and said the mask is a nuisance, but necessary. "It's still uncomfortable, but I still have to wear it. It is frustrating, but I wore it throughout practice, throughout contact drills and throughout shooting drills, just to get some rhythm with it," James said.
2/23/2014 1:50 PM
Out Broken nose Open link
LeBron will not play on Sunday, with coach Erik Spoelstra saying that the Heat having the next three days off made the decision to rest him a much easier one. This will give James a full week off before returning on Thursday vs. the Knicks. Greg Oden will enter the starting lineup for the Heat to match up with Joakim Noah, with Michael Beasley also to see more minutes with LeBron inactive.

Season Stats

   50.69Current SeasonMIA7737.727.
   50.62Last MonthMIA1638.528.
   40.57Last 2 WeeksMIA738.731.
   80.45Last WeekMIA337.933.
   21.04NBA 12-13MIA7637.926.
   10.88NBA 11-12MIA6237.527.
   330.16NBA Preseason 13MIA625.

Recent Player Comments

DateUserYouAgree %Comment
 Comment4/2/2014 5:34 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 0% (0)Been dealing with back issues for most of the season, but says he doesn't plan on sitting out any of the Heat's remaining nine games.
 Comment3/28/2014 10:50 PMinspiron22 0% (0)Yeah that's a good point. Home court will be so key for the Heat against the Pacers
 Comment3/28/2014 10:46 PMTrusted Advisor jphanned 100% (1)Miami gained another game on Indiana (now 2 GB), so perhaps that disincentives resting him this early. Possible, but Wade resting again seems more likely with Bron carrying the load.
 Comment3/28/2014 10:43 PMinspiron22 0% (0)any of you worried about a DNP against the Bucks?
 Comment3/24/2014 12:15 PMehrenberggreg 100% (1)I just don't think Lebron is declining
 Comment3/24/2014 12:08 PMTrusted Advisor silentjim 0% (0)From a fantasy standpoint the regular season is all that matters
 Comment3/24/2014 11:39 AMmrg12686 0% (0)Pattern seems to be Heat/LBJ get bored and perform relatively medicorely. Then ppl question him/them and he/they go HAM.
 Comment3/24/2014 11:37 AMmrg12686 100% (1)He's a few weeks removed from one of his best career games. Don't think he is declining, just don't think he cares about the regular season unless he is being doubted as clear #1 in league.
 Comment3/24/2014 8:09 AMTrusted Advisor silentjim 33% (3)With 30,000 minutes already before 30 are we starting to see the decline of Lebron? Will he put winning before MVPs thus affecting his fantasy value?
 Comment3/24/2014 8:08 AMTrusted Advisor silentjim 0% (0)Fewest FGA this season in his entire career but best FG%. His counting stats (rebs,ass,steals, blks) are all below is career average as well.
 Rumor3/5/2014 6:56 AMjason.morris.nl 0% (1)NBC/RW saying re-broke nose was a joke. https://twitter.com/NBC6Sports/status/441083828673585152
 Comment3/3/2014 9:37 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (4)http://tinyurl.com/p5n6fzw
 Comment2/9/2014 2:04 AMscatron 60% (5)Time to buy low on LeBron?
 Comment12/28/2013 2:34 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Rashard Lewis and Michael Beasley see the minutes, and lots of extra usage for everyone to share.
 Comment12/28/2013 2:11 PMmmeiselman 0% (0)What will the daily implications be if Lebron sits tonight?
 Comment11/28/2013 1:10 AMvnmslsrbms 57% (7)I'm mad at this guy for not blocking shots. Where did those chasedowns go? Just playing, but really, can't he just block a couple shots every game?
 Comment11/27/2013 10:53 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Bumped his FT% a bit, but this is one number that does tend to rise and fall for him. Was at 72.7% before his recent stretch of big games.
 Comment11/26/2013 9:06 AMbigmott 50% (2)Has been making FTs at a better rate over the past few weeks (2 11-11 games). Worth considering an FT bump there?
 Comment10/8/2013 12:09 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 0% (0)Discussion of that exact subject here: http://basketballmonster.com/MessageTopic.aspx?topic=6318
 Comment10/8/2013 10:05 AM#29652 0% (0)do you guys think the higher # of playoff games (20 vs 16) for lebron pushes him over KD in H2H? Or does the likelihood that he will rest at the end negate that scheduling advantage?
 Comment10/3/2013 10:55 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (2)I can't think of many things that don't seem achievable for LeBron, but FT% is on area where it's wise to err on the pessimistic side. He's been pretty consistent for a while now.
 Comment10/3/2013 2:57 AMwestbreezy 0% (0)Buser, should his FT% projections be updated? Reports that he's worked on his FT% a lot in the offseason. I personally bumped him up to 77%, seems achievable. Said 80% is his goal for the season.
 Comment4/9/2013 8:24 PMMassmonic 0% (0)Twice tonight, the Bucks announcer said that James is sitting out the rest of the season. Can anyone verify or deny this?
 Comment2/27/2013 9:50 PM#22686 100% (7)And we have a new leader. Curry +4.25 tonight
 Comment2/27/2013 1:59 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)Can't really say it any better than that. Bumped both of his percentages.
 Comment2/27/2013 1:46 AM#27680 100% (1)His projections need a bump. He's in god mode right now
 Comment2/27/2013 1:42 AM#14678 100% (3)Best line of the year was Paul Pierce on 12/19 (+4.05).
 Comment2/27/2013 12:47 AMTrusted Advisor mbuser 100% (1)LeBron's z-score was 3.04 tonight. Harden's was 3.61 (!) just six days ago.
 Comment2/26/2013 11:55 PM#14355 33% (3)Game of the year in all of fantasy so far?
 Comment1/23/2013 3:08 PMTrusted Advisor mbuser 50% (2)74.1% since his three-game outburst.

Game Logs

Game Log 

DateOppGame SummaryStartValueTeamminpts3rebaststlblkfg%fgaft%ftatofouls
4/14/2014@ WAS MIA             
4/12/2014@ ATL85 - 98 (-13)Y-0.35MIA37:2127385010.455220.500832
4/11/2014IND98 - 86 (+12)Y1.50MIA34:5236261110.550200.9231321
4/9/2014@ MEM102 - 107 (-5)Y1.37MIA41:2237365200.609230.857751
4/8/2014BKN87 - 88 (-1)Y0.83MIA37:08290106200.563160.7861430
4/6/2014NYK102 - 91 (+11)Y0.77MIA42:4738356100.591220.7501250
4/4/2014MIN121 - 122 (-1)Y1.52MIA47:5734285410.500240.8001045
4/2/2014MIL96 - 77 (+19)Y-0.03MIA29:2117148110.583120.400520
3/31/2014TOR93 - 83 (+10)Y0.44MIA38:5332178100.550200.8181162
3/29/2014@ MIL88 - 67 (+21)Y-1.02MIA30:0313172000.500100.500441
3/28/2014@ DET110 - 78 (+32)Y1.01MIA29:461711012100.538131.000210
3/26/2014@ IND83 - 84 (-1)Y1.02MIA43:2438285000.579190.9331563
3/24/2014POR93 - 91 (+2)Y0.69MIA38:2232065400.565230.667952
3/22/2014@ NOR95 - 105 (-10)Y0.94MIA41:5925289010.556181.000331
3/21/2014MEM91 - 86 (+5)Y0.17MIA38:0115067210.500140.500230
3/19/2014@ BOS MIA             
3/18/2014@ CLE100 - 96 (+4)Y3.03MIA41:4043664230.737190.6921301
3/16/2014HOU113 - 104 (+9)Y0.26MIA42:5224156200.471170.875853
3/14/2014DEN107 - 111 (-4)Y-0.39MIA39:5021066100.471170.714743
3/12/2014BKN95 - 96 (-1)Y-0.13MIA38:0319157300.462130.667951
3/10/2014WAS99 - 90 (+9)Y1.56MIA36:4523378300.667150.000033
3/9/2014@ CHI88 - 95 (-7)Y0.17MIA45:1917198310.348230.000041
3/6/2014@ SAS87 - 111 (-24)Y-0.54MIA38:0419087200.333180.778955
3/4/2014@ HOU103 - 106 (-3)Y0.41MIA36:3822016300.500180.667611
3/3/2014CHA124 - 107 (+17)Y2.93MIA41:1261875000.667330.7501222
3/1/2014ORL112 - 98 (+14)Y1.45MIA31:1320097400.667120.800521
2/27/2014NYK108 - 82 (+26)Y0.70MIA36:3831144000.684190.667610
2/23/2014CHI MIA             
2/20/2014@ OKC103 - 81 (+22)Y0.55MIA33:2433173400.682220.400581
2/18/2014@ DAL117 - 106 (+11)Y2.24MIA38:2842496200.696230.750832
2/12/2014@ GSW111 - 110 (+1)Y1.52MIA42:16364139200.538260.571721
2/11/2014@ PHO103 - 97 (+6)Y1.74MIA40:5937293500.545220.7861442
2/8/2014@ UTA89 - 94 (-5)Y-1.34MIA39:2113175000.308130.667652
2/5/2014@ LAC116 - 112 (+4)Y1.28MIA40:47313812310.550200.750872
2/3/2014DET102 - 96 (+6)Y1.20MIA38:19240811220.474190.750811
2/1/2014@ NYK106 - 91 (+15)Y1.80MIA39:0630187600.591220.500623
1/29/2014OKC95 - 112 (-17)Y0.92MIA42:1034133000.600201.000931
1/26/2014SAS113 - 101 (+12)Y0.10MIA27:4318176100.533151.000144
1/23/2014LAL109 - 102 (+7)Y-0.29MIA37:18272136100.600150.5381351
1/21/2014BOS93 - 86 (+7)Y0.66MIA38:4829084200.526190.8181131
1/20/2014@ ATL114 - 121 (-7)Y0.26MIA38:4330346100.524210.625831
1/18/2014@ CHA104 - 96 (+8)Y0.74MIA44:5234086100.520250.8001024
1/17/2014@ PHI101 - 86 (+15)Y1.05MIA36:31210810210.538130.875833
1/15/2014@ WAS97 - 114 (-17)Y0.52MIA41:0425087200.444180.9001041
1/10/2014@ BKN95 - 104 (-9)Y0.72MIA49:2236275000.571210.8331246
1/9/2014@ NYK92 - 102 (-10)Y0.30MIA41:2532156110.706170.6361162
1/7/2014NOR107 - 88 (+19)Y1.35MIA35:1532335200.591221.000331
1/5/2014TOR102 - 97 (+5)Y1.13MIA37:4730045100.667180.857711
1/4/2014@ ORL110 - 94 (+16)Y-0.66MIA35:5515088100.385130.625831
1/2/2014GSW114 - 123 (-9)Y-0.63MIA39:3426155010.625160.625880
12/30/2013@ DEN97 - 94 (+3)Y0.47MIA39:44265610010.533150.625840
12/28/2013@ POR MIA             
12/27/2013@ SAC103 - 108 (-5)Y1.11MIA43:4333488000.522230.833623
12/25/2013@ LAL101 - 95 (+6)Y-0.82MIA35:4819084000.500140.556922
12/23/2013ATL121 - 119 (+2)Y1.32MIA45:3838486200.571280.333602
12/20/2013SAC122 - 103 (+19)Y0.93MIA30:4018168110.727110.500211
12/18/2013IND97 - 94 (+3)Y1.54MIA36:1424197300.571141.000733
12/16/2013UTA117 - 94 (+23)Y1.40MIA33:4930099100.765170.800531
12/14/2013CLE114 - 107 (+7)Y1.59MIA40:3725099400.750120.7001022
12/10/2013@ IND84 - 90 (-6)Y-0.28MIA38:32171146200.375160.667653
12/8/2013@ DET110 - 95 (+15)Y0.59MIA35:0124079200.667150.800562
12/7/2013@ MIN103 - 82 (+21)Y0.38MIA30:34210148200.750120.600573
12/5/2013@ CHI87 - 107 (-20)Y0.32MIA33:1821152300.412170.750812
12/3/2013DET97 - 107 (-10)Y-0.02MIA36:5823256210.533150.625862
12/1/2013CHA99 - 98 (+1)Y0.94MIA38:1626154110.615130.9001030
11/29/2013@ TOR90 - 83 (+7)Y0.66MIA36:2727363110.588170.667632
11/27/2013@ CLE95 - 84 (+11)Y1.33MIA37:0628188300.474190.8181113
11/25/2013PHO107 - 92 (+15)Y2.01MIA33:2135254110.786141.0001140
11/23/2013ORL101 - 99 (+2)Y1.03MIA37:3522397300.538130.714730
11/20/2013@ ORL120 - 92 (+28)Y0.72MIA29:0521067110.455111.0001140
11/19/2013ATL104 - 88 (+16)Y-0.78MIA30:4213065100.462130.333330
11/16/2013@ CHA97 - 81 (+16)Y1.44MIA31:5530047110.722181.000431
11/15/2013DAL110 - 104 (+6)Y1.44MIA36:5839164100.778180.9091160
11/12/2013MIL118 - 95 (+23)Y0.21MIA29:5833432000.619210.500630
11/9/2013BOS110 - 111 (-1)Y0.29MIA36:32250810000.692130.778951
11/7/2013LAC102 - 97 (+5)Y-0.88MIA37:0918156100.462130.556944
11/5/2013@ TOR104 - 95 (+9)Y2.03MIA36:0135188010.650201.000812
11/3/2013WAS103 - 93 (+10)Y0.27MIA34:4125335100.643140.800562
11/1/2013@ BKN100 - 101 (-1)Y0.48MIA42:1426176210.579190.600552
10/30/2013@ PHI110 - 114 (-4)Y0.55MIA36:38254413000.529170.750443
10/29/2013CHI107 - 95 (+12)Y0.01MIA38:0117068100.455110.778920