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Full-Season Basketball Monster

For Full-Season Fantasy Basketball users playing in head-to-head, roto, and points leagues. You get the Draft Kit and all full-season features (Team Analysis, Trade Analysis, Projected Standings, and more) for the entire season.

$24.95 was $39.95

Daily Basketball Monster

For Daily Fantasy Basketball users playing with providers such as DraftKings, FanDuel, DraftDay, FantasyFeud, Draftster, and more. You get up-to-the minute daily projections, lineup tools, and more through the regular season.

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$54.95 was $69.95

Full-Season Basketball Monster

Your Full-Season Basketball Monster membership includes everything you need to win your head-to-head, roto, or points league from your first day of draft prep through the last day of the season.

Don't settle for just generic rankings on draft day - our Draft Kit gives you custom player projections based on your league's specific settings. Import and save settings and roster information for up to 20 leagues! And you need a draft tool that reacts and adjusts to your room as each pick is made. Our Draft Tracker does just that, providing you with dynamic player values, positional values, and categorical scarcity. You'll also get all of our HoopAdvisors Premium preseason content, including the Monster Draft Board, Position Primers, H2H Team Building Guides, and much more.

But your leagues certainly aren't won on draft day alone! Our Smart Tool gives you tailored add/drop recommendations intended to maximize win probabilities for your head-to-head matchups or net you the most roto points possible. Our player projections are meticulously maintained throughout the season, and our up-to-the-minute daily projections are based on current injuries, news, and trends. You also have access to our full complement of management tools, including Team Analysis, Trade Analysis, Projected Standings, Head-to-Head Daily and Weekly Planner, and many more! HoopAdvisors Premium in-season content features Weekly Primers, Rest-of-Season rankings, podcasts, and more. Join now!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all memberships